New Tannery Industrial Estate: At a glance

Tannery Estate, Dhaka

1. Name of the Projec


Tannery Estate, Dhaka
2. Executive Agency


Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC)
3. Location of Project


Situated at mouza kandiboilarpur, Chandranarayanpur, Charnarayanpur, Upazilla : Savar & Keranigonj, Dist. : Dhaka.
4. Area of Land


199.70 acres
5. Objectives of the Project


a) To provide infrastructural facilities to the Tannery entrepreneurs by establishing an environmentally suitable Tannery Estate for development and modernization of Tannery industries with a view to attract foreign investment, increasing the production, export, employment and enhancing contribution to GDP.
b) To shift the existing Tannery units of Hazaribagh as well as located at different places in the country to an environmentally suitable new site to protect environment by controlling the polluting substances emanating from the Tanneries.
c) To develop necessary infrastructural facilities (developed industrial plots, internal road, drainage and culvert, electricity, water gas etc.) for processing and production of leather and leather goods under environment friendly atmosphere.
d) To setup a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) and Waste Dumping Yard in the estate for treatment and dumping of Tannery waste emanated from the Tannery units.
6. Facilities of the Project


i) Different kinds of infrastructural facilities are provided such as required size of Plots, Electricity, Process & drinking water, Gas, Drain, Road as per requirement of native & foreign entreprenuers.
ii) Creation of environment friendly project by set up CETP.
iii) Arrangement of Central Water Treatment Plant and distribution line for industrial use.
iv) Set up modern leather industries and arrangement for latest exportable item of leather goods for displaying to attract foreign buyers.
v) Plice Station set up for security.
vi) Set up telecommunication facilities and post office.
vii) Space provided for Banking purpose.

viii) Space provided for Insurance activities.
ix) Space provided for Canteen, Primary health care centre.
x) Set up Fire service arrangement.
xi) Space provided for Mosque.
7. Execution period of the



Original : January 2003 – December 2005

Revised : January 2003 – June 2012

8. Project Cost and Finance


Original : 17575.00 lac Taka

(GOB 9400.00 lac & Project aid 8175.00 lac)

Revised : 54536.00 lac Taka (GOB)

ADP (2011-12) Taka 15083.00

Financed : The project have been implemented by complete GOB fund.

9. Total no. of Plots


195 Nos.
10. Categories of Plots &



4-catagory plots are developed

A-type – 80,000 Sft., B-type – 40,000 Sft.

C-type – 20,000 Sft., S-type – 15,000 to 30,000 Sft.